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June 2017
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Tag: Linux

The mystery of growing folder sizes

I tested something yesterday. I booted to my rescue USB disk and mounted the disk where I have Linux installed. I ran cp -rap usr usr-new which preserves everything including symlinks, ownership, permissions, etc… Then ran a script that md5sums all the files in usr and usr-new. cd usr && find -type f -exec md5sum […]

Scheduling virus scans on Arch Linux

Virus threats under Linux are mostly negligible. But I might still want to keep my system free from virus infected downloads and such. There is no need for on-access scanning and a weekly disk scan should do. Under Arch Linux, I have clamav installed with freshclam service enabled so it auto updates the virus signatures. […]

Moving to Systemd

ArchLinux is slowly adding systemd units to all packages that contain services/daemons. With the merge of udev into systemd, the switch is inevitable. This was scary at first but proved to be much less painful than expected. I have always been a huge fan of ArchLinux’s rc.conf and rc.d usage because service management was easy […]

Trying out Fedora Core 3

I recently had to format my hard disk due to hardware errors. As I can’t seem to get my hand again on SuSE 9.2, I decided to try out Fedora core 3. So far it is a good distro but it does lack a lot of stuff found in SuSE.