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November 2018
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Mitigating Nvidia resume from hibernation failures

I've seen and posted countless threads on hibernate cycles (suspend to disk) sporadically failing on resuming from hibernate starting with mutter 3.26.1 and I've spent months experimenting with possible fixes including replacing my samsung ram chipsets (2133mhz) with more recent 2x8GB = 16GB ddr4 (2400mhz) kingston chipsets. The issues ranged from xid 56 errors, idling […]

Transformer robot spotted outside Beirut!

This is definitely not something you see every day in Lebanon. I was walking home when I saw a transformer and so I took some pictures. Click on the thumbnails for very large pictures. Enjoy!

Pet store pictures

I took some pictures today while at the pet store. I was buying food for my bird.

Some of my favorite new music

Needless to say, I am a big fan of certain styles of music such as classical (Richard Clayderman, etc…) and symphonic metal such as Nightwish. Old Disney movie tunes will always have a special place as well. I was looking for music on youtube and I discovered a very talented Finnish artist called Henrik Airaksinen. […]

Artificial Selection

This is a rather interesting. Basically people have been hunting and killing elephants for their tusks since ages. Ivory is then carved from the tusks and sold. Elephants with larger tusks are hunted first and therefore have less chance to survive and breed. The ones that do remain have smaller tusks and according to ENN, […]