Setting a wallpaper on Android 4.2 without cropping

My Android 4.2 custom ROM HTC phone won’t let me set a wallpaper without cropping it even when the height/width is proportional to the size of the screen.
When I open the gallery application and navigate to a saved picture and choose to set it as a wallpaper, I get the following:
Setting a wallpaper
I did a quick Google search and found suggestions for third-party applications which didn’t work so well for me.
Then I remembered that Firefox on Linux allows me to set a picture as a desktop wallpaper.
I installed Firefox (I chose a nightly build) and opened a picture. Then I pressed on the picture with my finger and held till I got a dialog window which gave me an option to set the picture as a wallpaper without cropping or re-sizing it.

Setting a wallpaper with firefox

And it worked!

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