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April 2015
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Some of my favorite new music

Needless to say, I am a big fan of certain styles of music such as classical (Richard Clayderman, etc…) and symphonic metal such as Nightwish. Old Disney movie tunes will always have a special place as well.
I was looking for music on youtube and I discovered a very talented Finnish artist called Henrik Airaksinen. He goes by the name ‘BlackSheep806′ and he composes various styles of piano and violin music. I never heard of this person till now but his music is amazing. You can listen to some of it on his website. My favorites are Sound of an Angel and Ocean Soul.
He also has a Facebook page but it doesn’t look like he posts very often.

Why are people so weird?

I was in a Taxi today going back home and the car’s radio was on. There was a talk show where this woman was telling a story about how her three neighbors attacked her. According to the story, she is a divorced woman who is living alone. The three men threatened to beat her up and she called the police who ignored the threat. The next day, the three men beat her up and leave her with broken bones and bruises. The police arrested the three men but the judge let them go after a very short trial. They apparently belong to the same “political party” as the judge. The victim called the police again and the police made the three men sign an agreement that they will not attack this woman again (yes, because that is going to help).
The radio broadcasters commented on how this is power abuse and such a thing should not happen. Then they were taking calls and a female caller said “It is a shame that people can get away with crime because they are the followers of some politician. But anyway, they probably only pushed her down the stairs and she made a big deal out of it.”

Seriously? I was really shocked to hear that. Are people so deranged that this is the reaction an assault victim gets from the public?

Artificial Selection

This is a rather interesting. Basically people have been hunting and killing elephants for their tusks since ages. Ivory is then carved from the tusks and sold. Elephants with larger tusks are hunted first and therefore have less chance to survive and breed. The ones that do remain have smaller tusks and according to ENN, the average African elephant’s tusk size has gone down by half in the last century and a half.
I would guess we will eventually end up with mostly tusk-less elephants since there is (hopefully) no use for hunting them. Fascinating simulation of evolution.

Ain Mreisseh, Beirut

I took two pictures this afternoon in Ain Mreisseh, Beirut. The angle is bad but it is easy to see where the mountains meet the ocean shore on the other side of the bay and some snow left on the mountain top in the first picture (Click on the images for large versions).

Ain Mreisseh, Beirut

Ain Mreisseh, Beirut

Suggestions for Mystery Comedies

I am trying to find recommendations for mystery style films. They don’t need to be comedies although that is always a plus.
Some of my favorites are old Hitchcock movies, and things like Clue and Death by Murder. I prefer pre-2000s thriller or mystery movies because they had better emphasis on acting and effects.
Any suggestions are very welcome. Thank you!

Happy New Year, 2015!

Happy New Year to everyone who is reading this post :) . I hope everyone gets to spend the holidays with their families and have a wonderful year!

Happy New Year!

Lamborghini set to release a 6000 dollar phone

Lamborghini is set to launch an android mobile phone called the 88 Tauri. The phone is rumoured to run Android KitKat 4.4.4 on a quad core processor with 3GB ram and will cost 6000 US dollars.
For that price, they really need to support it with updates for at least 4 to 5 years.
The specs are nice and it should be able to handle the next few Android versions. I was surprised to hear it won’t ship with Lollipop.
I also wonder how many they will actually sell. Not many are going to buy a 6000 dollar phone that doesn’t even run the latest Android release. Manufacturing them will be tricky since I assume they will outsource the production similar to what Nokia will do with the N1 tablet.

There is a video and pictures on Lamborghini mobile website. The phone is elegant and nice looking but a bit bulky.
It looks more like a collector’s item to me :) .

Family Guy and The Simpsons crossover

I finally got around to watching the first five episodes of the 13th season of Family Guy. The first episode was a double length special feature where the Griffins ended up in Springfield while looking for their stolen car.

The episode was generally very funny but I could tell they went out of their way to show every cliche Simpsons joke such as “eat my shorts”. The fight scene between Peter and Homer was epic!

There was even a scene during that fight were we saw Homer as a Family guy character and Peter as a Simpsons character :) .

Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson

Bernie Ecclestone and today’s Formula1

Bernie Ecclestone, chief executive of Formula One, feels that Formula One doesn’t need the young fans because they don’t have the money to buy products that the sport’s sponsors try to sell.

The ironic thing about alienating young people in today’s Formula One is that the latest changes actually attract younger people at the expense of what older generation would have liked to see. Older people will always compare today’s Formula1 One with how it was yesterday and are less likely to accept changes. Someone who is watching his or her first every Formula One race this year is likely to enjoy it a lot more than the older generation.

Formula One switched this year from naturally aspirated v8 engines to turbo charged v6 engines. Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) and drag reduction system (DRS) were added before that. All those changes reduce the fuel needed and add more modern technology to Formula One. Such changes attracted younger viewers but some of the older fans complained about the lower engine sounds during the races. This is where Mr. Bernie is very short-sighted. He is admitting he wants one thing and one thing only and that is money. Greed makes people blind.

Website is now fully HTTPS!

Big thanks to cloudflare for this. They are slowly switching all plans, including the free plan, to https by giving away free SSL certificates. I am now on Full SSL. That means connections between my website and visitors, and between cloudflare and my webhost are fully encrypted.
This is wonderful news because it means over two million websites will now be more secure.
All links on my website should now redirect from http:// to https:// :) .