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July 2017
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Transformer robot spotted outside Beirut!

This is definitely not something you see every day in Lebanon. I was walking home when I saw a transformer and so I took some pictures. Click on the thumbnails for very large pictures. Enjoy!

Transformer robot

Transformer robot

Transformer robot

Transformer robot

Transformer robot

Transformer robot

Pet store pictures

I took some pictures today while at the pet store. I was buying food for my bird.

Fish tanks


A monkey

Meanwhile in Lebanon…

While passing through Boorj Hammood earlier today looking for grocery shops on a Christmas morning. Shops were closed in Ashrafieh.
No throwing garbage sign
Notice the sign.

The mystery of growing folder sizes

I tested something yesterday. I booted to my rescue USB disk and mounted the disk where I have Linux installed.
I ran cp -rap usr usr-new which preserves everything including symlinks, ownership, permissions, etc…
Then ran a script that md5sums all the files in usr and usr-new.

cd usr && find -type f -exec md5sum “{}” \; > ../md5sum.usr

cd ../usr-new && find -type f -exec md5sum “{}” \; > ../md5sum.usr-new

The checksum files were identical which means the new copy is intact.
But…running du -s -BK in both folders revealed that the old folder is almost 2MB larger in size.
After some investigation, I learned that a directory in Linux filesystems carries a list of the inodes pointing to the files in that directory. Apparently ext4 doesn’t delete pointers to files from a directory when the files are deleted. It just zeros the pointers. So an empty folder called test is 4K in size on disk but after adding and deleting thousands of files, the folder can grow with time. On a system that keeps getting updated frequently, that means ~2MB of lost space per year which is not much but nevertheless an interesting observation.

Some of my favorite new music

Needless to say, I am a big fan of certain styles of music such as classical (Richard Clayderman, etc…) and symphonic metal such as Nightwish. Old Disney movie tunes will always have a special place as well.
I was looking for music on youtube and I discovered a very talented Finnish artist called Henrik Airaksinen. He goes by the name ‘BlackSheep806’ and he composes various styles of piano and violin music. I never heard of this person till now but his music is amazing. You can listen to some of it on his website. My favorites are Sound of an Angel and Ocean Soul.
He also has a Facebook page but it doesn’t look like he posts very often.